ERP & CRM Solutions



CRM/ERP methodologies focus on creating and developing individualized customer relationships in order to maintain a loyal customer base. It's quite a bit less expensive to maintain a good relationship with an existing customer than to woo a new customer, so purchasing software that helps enhance a customer's experience has become a popular business practice. By implementing a program where sales, marketing, distribution and customer service representatives can all easily access a customer's history of past interactions with the company, enterprises can maximize their ability to upgrade or cross-sell to customers. Also, the company increases its chance of customer satisfaction through quicker resolution of any issues that a customer might have.

Why need Enterprise CRM/ERP software:

If you have a very small clientele, you can probably easily remember your customers and their individual preferences, so it isn't hard to anticipate their needs. CRM comes rather naturally to most business people in that situation. In larger companies, though, CRM software can be a critical component in an enterprise, helping them track individual customer orders and requests to provide excellent customer service. CRM also offers your enterprise the ability to offer upgrades or to cross-sell products to customers in an intelligent manner based on their previous purchase history. If your company is large enough that you lack personalized customer service and you suspect you are missing out on opportunities to create a loyal customer base then you would want to consider implementing a CRM system.

CRM/ERP solutions improve company's business performance

Our ERP and CRM solutions give you the ability to save time and money across your entire enterprise. With CRM?ERP software you need only input customer, vendor, and order data once and then share it across your functional departments. You can automate inventory and warehouse procedures as well as billing and accounting procedures. You can use ERP applications to create reports and analyze enterprise trends quickly and easily, allowing you to respond quickly to shifts in the market. We also helps make e-commerce easy. The information in our Web Store is shared with the standard application, so no synchronization or extra integration work is required.

The Less costs associated with CRM/ERP software implementation

Our open source ERP and CRM software offers a significant savings over traditional ERP and CRM applications. Use the money you save to create a successful implementation for your particular enterprise. Our Partners are available world-wide to help you create industry specific features that can address your particular needs. Also, be sure to budget resources for training your staff on the new software. Consider the possibility that years of working with multiple incompatible data sources may have left you with "dirty data" that needs to be cleaned up prior to importation in the new CRM system. Or, perhaps you've decided that now is the time to upgrade some of your servers or workstations. However you decide to use the money you've saved, you can feel confident that we provides you the best ERP and CRM solution at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Unlike many open source software products we offers support service for your business. The right support edition for your business depends on a number of factors such as the size of your organization and the support services your business requires. We have editions deliver exceptional business value and meet a broad variety of ERP functionality and support needs.