Biometric Security



Definition of Biometric: "Bio" means body and metrics means measurement. Hence biometric means body measurement or body identification by some means like face, fingerprint, ear, iris, retina, DNA, footprint, palm vein, palm print etc.

With the help of modern technology, we have been able to identify a person with almost 100% accuracy. Most common biometric means are biometric fingerprint verification, biometric face verification, biometric palm vein verification, biometric iris verification.

Biometric screening technologies have been acknowledged by all Government and other government agencies for human verification

There are several techniques that can be applied for verifying and confirming a user’s identity. They can be broadly classified as below:

  • Something the user knows, such as a password or PIN
  • Something the user has, such as a smart card or ATM card
  • Something that’s part of the user, such as a fingerprint or iris. The strongest authentication involves a combination of all three

The technology used for identification of a user based on a physical characteristic, such as a fingerprint, iris, face, voice or handwriting is called Biometrics.

Advancements in technology has made possible to build rugged and reliable Biometric authentication systems, and the costs of biometrics authentication systems have been dropping as reliability is improving.

The key steps involved in a biometric authentication system are:

  • Image capture – Using scanning devices available in the market
  • Image recognition - Using standard algorithms
  • Template creation - Using standard algorithms
  • Matching – Using application and standard algorithms

Other biometric options where research is going on are company is having highly successful track record of installations of Biometrics monitoring devices across India. Matching quality of fingerprint, iris, face and palm is of superior quality than other biometrics companies. Comparison between biometrics quality between mantra and other companies is clear and explicit. Biometrics is widely used for checking purpose of human unique identity.

Biometrics growth and advantages

The biometrics is experiencing fast development across the world because of two main reasons.

  • Evolutions and rapid expansion of Information technology and web which claims for secure access control and secure data transfer.
  • Terrorism has put a lot of threat to Governments, which has raised the demand for accurate identification of individuals.

Consequently, new biometrics detectors are explored and more and more impeccable biometrics systems are being invented. This situation demands for in-depth biometric research. There are many conferences held frequently, which bring together the biometrics researcher at one place. Companies and researcher come forward to share their knowledge about biometrics trend. Such exhibition showcases the latest biometrics products.

Following kinds of research takes place in biometrics

  • Basic biometrics research
  • Physiological biometrics
  • Behavioral biometrics
  • Biometrics image processing or template processing
  • Latest biometrics technologies like biometrics palm reading, face reading, IRIS, Retina, ear and finally DNA etc.
  • Biometrics systems and analysis
  • Multimodal biometrics systems
  • Biometrics encryption systems
  • Biometric authentication in networking
  • Biometric recognition and identification system
  • Survey of biometric recognition methods
  • Ethics and usage
  • Ethics and usage

Deployment of biometric systems for usage in Health care industry, law enforcement, financial sector, security Database creation and management, theoretical limitations, future and issues of biometrics.

  • Applications of Biometric
  • Physical access control
  • Justice judiciary law enforcement
  • Logical access control
  • Time and attendance
  • Healthcare biometrics
  • Border control/Airport biometrics
  • Financial and transactional.
  • Biometric integrators/Resellers
  • Mobile biometric
  • Lock system
  • Home automation biometric