Mobile Application



The mobile commerce or m-commerce as its generally called, revolution has yet to catch up in most retail markets in both developed and developing countries. Yet major retailers and their SCM, ERP, CRM are all aided by cutting-edge mobile technology. Consumer centric companies have already started interacting with their customers directly by providing them interactive content like SMS, mobile ringtones and graphics, WAP sites, mobile games, iphone apps etc. They have been able to cut costs and improve efficiency while getting closer to the end user by employing mobile based solutions in various stages of product development and marketing.

Within a country like India where mobile phone penetration has been growing exponentially, the options to reach a customer directly are many folds. Let's take an example of food chain giant which employed mobile phones to make his customers interact and order food directly over the mobile phone application. He distributed the application over Bluetooth to his visitors who could order food for home delivery, the next time, directly from their mobile phones while sitting in the comfort of their homes. They were also given an option to leave a feedback or leave testimonials which were directly beamed to the TV screens all over the restaurant chain. The direct customer interaction leads to a massive increase in customer retention and loyalty towards the brand.

The number of ways, your business can utilize the power of a mobile phone are many, and that's where we come into the picture to help you decide the best way to get your business right into the greens by utilizing our services and consultation.

We have an expertise over the following technologies for mobile solutions.

  • Mobile applications: iPhone Apps, BlackBerry Apps, Nokia Ovi Apps, Android Apps. Windows Mobile Apps.
  • WAP applications: We can provide WAP solutions for all your business needs to WAP-enable your business.
  • SMS and Premium SMS (Shortcode): We have experience for SMS and Premium SMS over both longcode and shortcode.
  • Customized Solutions:We are experts in customized mobile development to provide you the cutting edge solution to make your business stand apart from your competition.