Online Retails



We have a good understanding of the key issues retail organizations face today. Consumers are continually looking for better value, service options and convenience when making the purchasing decisions. With more consumer choices than ever before, retailers have a significant challenge to achieve innovation while maximizing profit.

The retail landscape is evolving rapidly. No longer is a clear-cut environment of individual distributors, manufacturers and retailers, today’s marketplace is a mixture of often overlapping service providers. This junction can be a great opportunity for retailers to find the supply-chain combination that works best for their products and services.

We understand these business and environment challenges. We provide the necessary functional and technical expertise to ensure that retail IT systems operate with broadened capabilities and efficiency. By leveraging our understanding of the retail space with a focus on our clients’ strategy and go-to-market plans, our consultants deliver valued expertise at cost-effective prices.

We have a practice that delivers in-depth experience with retail applications with a strong enterprise architecture foundation. As a result, we can help retailers:

  • Upgrade supply chain systems, ranging from order management to category and space management, warehouse management, logistics management, pricing and promotions, and merchandising management
  • Implement new point of sale solutions that embrace new international standards and provide new flexibility for supporting new merchandising initiatives
  • Implement point solutions and Point of Sale systems migration.
  • Accelerate the implementation of enterprise and customer relationship management
  • Improve business intelligence effectiveness

We are the ideal partner to help retailing organizations to gain competitive advantage. Having pioneered the smart sourcing model, We are well positioned to help retailers build, renew, and extend their technology infrastructures, enabling them to focus on their core business.